European Robotics Forum (ERF) 2014, Rovereto, Italy
13 Mar 2014 Rovereto (Italy)


NewThe workshop was a great success. Please find the workshop report here.


Humanoid robots are already showing their presence in our everyday life. Past years of research and innovation have led towards a range of applications and ideas in which a humanoid robot can serve to the society. New applications are emerging and the demand is rising. Whether it is to interact and teach the children with autism or to serve as a fitness trainer, companion or co-worker, humanoid robots are showing their merits and their potential.

The objectives of the workshop are to provide a platform to present, discuss and discover the existing and potential innovative applications of the robots for the betterment of the society, to investigate the needs of the society, to explore the kinds of social intelligent expected by the robots and to identify the associated research challenges.



Panel Discussion

In addition to interesting and interactive talks (see keynotes), there will a panel discussion, providing the audience excellent opportunity to present their view and interact with the experts.

Title: What are the immediate needs of the society from the Humanoid robots?


Call for Participation

We invite the interested people to attend the workshop and contribute to achieve its objective, which is to identify the emerging potential applications of the robots for the betterment of the society.

During the workshop, the participants will be encouraged to make the session interactive, though question-answer slots at the end of each presentation. The panel discussion at the end of the workshop will be open to all the participants and they will be encouraged to interact with the panelists and as well as among themselves, present their opinions, raise issues and suggest solutions and road map relevant to the societal applications of robots.

The interesting and important points from the workshop participants will be accumulated in the Workshop Report produced by the workshop organizers. This report will be made available on the workshop website as well handed over to euRobotics. The document is expected to serve to identify the key issues and applications of humanoid robots for the society and could guide the R&D and innovation in this direction.


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